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Located at Jalan Maribaya No.17, Kayuambon Village, Lembang Subdistrict, West Bandung Regency, you can visit an interesting attraction called De Ranch. De Ranch is actually a horse stable area which is then set in such a way that becomes a family tourist attractions are very exciting and memorable.

Main Attraction of De Ranch

The most special thing at the same time is the main dish at De Ranch this is the chance of visitors to be a cowboy. When entering here visitors will be given the attribute like a coboy in America for free. Some cowboy attributes such as cowboy shirt, cowboy hat, cowboy shoes and so forth. What is certain your appearance while on vacation to De Ranch would be similar to a cowboy. In addition to the appearance of a cowboy, De Ranch also presents a similar atmosphere of cowboy area in the films we have ever seen.

Activities in De Ranch

Not just only you can wear Kowboy clothes, but at De Ranch you can also do some interesting activities. Impressive activities or activities that visitors can take here are riding delmans, horseback riding, fishing ponds, water balloons, skates, and other fun games. When you tour the De Ranch area by horseback you can also visit some places like pastures, cattle ranches, horse farms, plantations and other areas. At the farm itself visitors can do milking activities, feeding horses or cattle and learning to raise livestock. In addition there are also activities to make a special cake De Ranch is very interesting to follow. With such diverse activities De Ranch will certainly be a place that will provide insight and knowledge and educational and useful training.

Facilities in De Ranch

Being on this De Ranch tour we can find a variety of qualified facilities such as large parking areas, small mosques, clean toilets, tracks or difabel paths, game rides, restaurant or culinary venues, souvenir shops and souvernirs as well as plant markets ornamental. In your own souvenir and gift shop you can buy a variety of souvenirs to take home such as cowboy costumes as well as various snacks from yogurt and milk. While in the ornamental plant market, you can also shop a variety of ornamental plants to decorate the garden home.

Entrance Rates

For the entrance fee to De Ranch is fairly affordable that is Rp 5.000 / orang. With this rate we will also be able to get free fresh milk. But to do some activities and play some rides, you need to pay additional rates ie:

  • Horse Riding with tariff Rp 25.000 / person for one round
  • Pony with a rate of Rp 25,000 / person for two rounds
  • Triker with tariff Rp. 25,000 / person for 15 minutes
  • Flying Fox at Rp. 20,000 / person for 1 time slid
  • Delman with tariff Rp. 30,000 / three people for 1 round
  • Trampoline with tariff Rp. 20,000 / person for 15 minutes
  • Archery at Rp. 20,000 / person for 10 arrows
  • The Gold Hunter at Rp. 20,000 / person for 15 minutes
  • Water Balloon at Rp. 20,000 / person for 5 minutes
  • Fun Boat with tariff Rp. 20,000 / person for 15 minutes
  • Bicycle Track with rate Rp. 20,000 / person for 15 minutes
  • Kidtrik with tariff Rp. 20,000 / child for 15 minutes
  • Pony Kidz with a tariff of Rp. 20,000 / child for 15 minutes
  • Riding Out at Rp. 200,000 / two for 60 minutes
  • Fishing pond with a tariff of Rp. 20,000 / person for 30 minutes
  • Kuda Ayun with Rp. 20,000 / person for 3 minutes
  • Indian Totem Web Pool at Rp. 20,000 / person for 15 minutes
  • Kid Jumping for Rp. 20,000 / child for 15 minutes

From some attractions presented by De Ranch it will interesting to explore and experience De Ranch which is located in District Lembang, Bandung. If you already have a plan or also just interested to come to De Ranch then can make Car Rental Bandung as your transportation of choice. With all the experience, Dirgantara Car Rental will make your holiday to De Ranch will be more exciting and memorable.


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Ciwidey White Crater is a popular spot for the travelers who come to Bandung. With exotic panorama that make Ciwidey White Crater attract tourists local and international, especially those who like to take selfie. The landscape in Ciwidey White Crater is fascinating. As the name implies, White Crater  present the picturesque view of a crater or lake with water that is white-greenish. Such a scene is rarely seen elsewhere. That’s why Ciwidey White Crater is interesting and worth to be immortalized with the camera.

White Crater History

Actually White Crater Ciwidey is a volcanic lake that emerged and formed because of the eruption of 10th-century Patuha Mountain. Because of the surrounding soil which then mixed with white sulfur makes the water that is accommodated in the crater or lake so follow the white color of green. Interestingly again the color of water in the lake or Ciwidey crater can change if there is influence from temperature, weather and sulfur content in water content.

It is Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn, a botanist with a German nationality who first discovered the White Crater of Ciwidey. Precisely in 1837, Dr. Franz came to Kawah Putih Ciwidey area to do research. Having made it to the top of the mountain, Dr. Franz saw a white lake with the exotic smell of belerag. From Dr. Franz is then Ciwidey White Crater investigated the government and then set to become a tourist attraction for the public in 1987.

Main View of White Crater

The color of the lake or crater is the specialty of Ciwidey White Crater. In addition to the view of an exotic lake, in White Crater Ciwidey we can also find a natural panorama of white land such as white sand beaches, hills and also dry tuna and meyisakan batangnya only. With all these dishes then when in Ciwidey White Crater makes us feel like being somewhere else or even in another world.


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Visitor Activity

The main activity of the visitors while at the Ciwidey White Crater is to see the panorama and also take pictures. With the beauty of the landscape presented Ciwidey White Crater will indeed make visitors who come always want to memabadikannya with the camera. Especially considering the trend of photography today, making Ciwidey White Crater has become one of the hunt spot photography Instagramable in Bandung.

Located at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level makes the air around Ciwidey White Crater becomes cool even fairly cold. The air temperature in the Ciwidey White Crater ranges from 8 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius. From this cold temperature, visitors who come can also relax and relax with the maximum by still wearing a jacket.

Entrance Fee and Parking

To enter into Ciwidey Crater White tourist area you are charged an entrance fee of Rp 15.000 / orang. In addition, you who bring a vehicle must also pay a parking tariff divided into two namely the upper parking tariff (close to the location of the crater) and parking rates down (located at the gate and away from the crater location). For parking rates above the amount is Rp 15,000 for cars and Rp 35,000 for motorcycles. As for the parking rate below is Rp 6,000 for cars and Rp 5,000 for motorcycles. If you park the vehicle below then you must be ready to walk to Ciwidey White Crater. But if you are lazy to walk then there is a choice ride Ontang-earring which is a modified mini bus vehicle. The tariff of Ontang Anting ride is Rp 13.000 Rupiah / person.

White Crater Facilities

Because it has become a popular tourist and received attention from the Local Government then it is in this White Crater Ciwidey we can find a complete range of facilities such as a large parking area, Ontang-anting transportation, information center, musholla, restaurant and food stalls and toilets.

Of all the white crater that has been described Ciwidey is certainly very unfortunate when you miss it while on vacation in Bandung. Well to more optimally come here you can use the services of Car Rental Bandung from Dirgantara Car Rental that has been trusted. With a wide range of services from Dirgantara Car Rental it will make your travel and adventure tour to White Crater Ciwidey will be more fun and exciting.

Stone Garden is actually an area or an ancient mining area. But because of its impressive scenery make Stone Garden many people visited and became a tourist area. Even because it is so valuable and famous area in Citatah, this Padalarang Stone Garden is then designated as a Geopark and a protected cultural preserve. From here then there is a mention of this Stone Garden area as Citatah Geopark tour.

  • Ancient Site in Bandung

Sesuai dengan namanya, maka sajian utama dari Stone Garden ini adalah pemandangan hamparan bebatuan purba. Bebatuan di kawasan Geopark sendiri adalah batu gamping yang terbentuk dari endapan dari hewan-hewan bawah laut puluhan ribu tahun silam. Dahulu kawasan ini memang merupakan danau purba yang kemudian surut dan membentuk Kota Bandung. Kawasan Stone garden bahkan diyakini sebagai tempat manusia purba hidup. Buktinya di sini kita bisa mendapati situs megalitikum Gua Pawon yang diduga sebagai tempat tinggal manusia purba zaman batu.

Sebelum menjadi obyek wisata dan geopark, sejak abad ke-19 daerah Stone Garden ini adalah daerah pertambangan. Bahkan sampai saat ini lokasi seluas 2 hektar ini masih ada orang yang memanfaatkan untuk kegiatan pertambangan.

  • Spot Foto Instagramable

Being in the Stone Garden Citatah makes us feel like there is in Stonehenge, England or in Machu Picchu in Peru. Ancient limestone rocks in Stone Garden is indeed very visible dazzle. Coupled with the green grass landscape makes the scene at Stone Garden so very charming and very qualified to be immortalized with the camera. By taking pictures here we will get the image or Instagramable photos. Stone Garden’s popularity from time to watu then make this place as hunters of photography lovers. Even so fascinating Stone Garden Citatah is not uncommon to use it as the location of prewedding photos.


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  • Anticipate Hot Weather Because The Sun and Wild Apes

Stone Garden is located at a height of about 700 meters above sea level and make visitors who come to climb for approximately 30 minutes to arrive at the location. The climb itself is not too difficult and can be passed by the children though. Although above the altitude, does not mean the Stone Garden air cool and cold. Especially when you come at noon then the hot air katena hot sun will be felt here. The lack of trees here is also a factor in the heat of the air temperature at Stone Garden.

Therefore for you who come here is advised to come in the morning or evening to avoid the hot sun and hot air. If indeed you come during the day then just bring an umbrella or wear sun block cream in order to minimize the heat of the air in the Stone Garden.

Another thing you need to be aware of when traveling to Stone Garden is the presence of wild monkeys that could be carrying your luggage if you do not guard it. So when in Stone Garden is often visited by a herd of apes, you must be careful and keep luggage.

  • Entrance Rates and Stone Garden Facilities

To enter and enjoy Stone Garden tour there is a ticket that you have to pay. Entrance to Stone Garden is Rp 6.000 / person excluding vehicle parking tariff. Being in Stone Garden we have been able to find such facilities as parking areas, gazebos, mosques and toilets. In the future tourism area Stone Garden is still being repaired and carried out the development to make more visitors who come more and more. Stone Garden itself you can go in the Village Citatah, Padalarang, Gunungmasigit, Cipatat, West Bandung regency, West Java.

Seeing the charm of Stone Garden Citatah this will certainly make us so imagine its beauty. So while on vacation to Bandung then Stone Garden is already you should visit. To travel to Stone Garden with the maximum you can use the car rental Bandung from Dirgantara Car Rental. Because with a vacation with Dirgantara Car Rental then your tour at Stone Garden will be more memorable and fun.


Since long time ago, Bandung is famous for its tourist attractions. People who visit Bandung can do a lot of things like shopping, hiking, swimming, or refreshing. Because of that, people endlessly explore this beautiful city. Well, for those who look for something new, western Bandung might be an alternative on holiday. The tourist attractions in western Bandung start from Padalarang area to Gunung Halu. However, some of the tourist attractions in western Bandung is less famous than the other place like Tangkuban Perahu, Ciater, or Kawah Putih. If you are visiting here, there is no wrong to visit some of them.

1. Stone Garden

This destination presents the charm of the rocky hills, as in its name, Stone Garden. It is located in Cipatat, Western Bandung. Called as Stone Garden because there are a lot of towering stones in this area that have unique and photogenic form. People say the towering stones is a former lake in antiquity. Stone Garden is less popular than the other places like Bukit Moko or Tebing Keraton, so there are not many people coming here. Even though the view of Stone Garden is gorgeous. You can also see the overlayed hills which are typical of Bandung.

Via : Reservasi

2. Sanghyang Heuleut

Because of its hidden location near PLTU Saguling, Sanghyang Heuleut lake like a hidden paradise. Not much people who know the existence of Sanghyang Heuleut. People don’t think that at the end of the raging river, there is a lake surrounded by dense forests and rocks. This lake is very beautiful and has a lot of towering stones. Furthermore, Sanghyang Heuleut also has clear green water and a mini waterfall. Not wrong if this place is called as hidden paradise in western Bandung.

Via : Lihat

3. Curug Pelangi

Administratively, Curug Pelangi is belonging to Cisarua, western Bandung. This waterfall is popular as monkey habitat. There are hundreds of monkey hanging around the forest near Curug Pelangi. When you see it from above, the waterfall has two different levels that are very unique. Curug Pelangi also has a special place used to take a picture. However, if you want to sense the cold water of Curug Pelangi, you can come down. In addition, this waterfall will also glow at the night because there are colorful lights around it. The concept is similar to Colorado waterfall in the USA. The light is not placed behind the waterfall, but on the side of it.

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4. Sendang Geulis Kahuripan

Sendang Geulis Kahuripan is located in Cikalong Wetan, western Bandung. Sendang Geulis Kahuripan is a beautiful water spring presenting the freshness and beauty of the environment. The water is very clear and surrounded by the dense trees in the middle of hills. No wonder if this place is very pretty and exotic. The main activity that you can do is surely soaking or bathing in Sendang Geulis Kahuripan. The purity, cleanliness, and coldness of the water can make your body being fresh. People also say that the water will beautify and refine your skin. Another activity you can do here is, of course, taking some photos because this place is really instagramable.

Via : Wisataterindah

Those are 4 tourist attractions that you can explore in western Bandung. In order to make your holiday better and come safely to the destination, just make sure that your body is fit and your vehicle is superfine. If you don’t want to drive yourself, you can rent a car from Dirgantara Car Rental Bandung. We also provide the driver who will take you to anywhere in Bandung.


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Renting a car is the ultimate choice for traveller who visits a town after traveling with plane. Hire a car in a city it is useful in complementing your affairs in the city. Whether it’s leisure or business, make the rental car you can use the time effectively, because it can move you from one place to another quickly without a hitch. Rental cars are also now available in many cities, so do not bother to use public transport again. Well, if you want to go is the city of Bandung, then Dirgantara Car Rental Bandung is the best car rental vendors that fit your selection.

Dirgantara Car Rental

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In addition for business or leisure, our Bandung car rental services are also used by companies and governments providing their transportation needs. For companies, car rental usually do take a minimum of 1 month. There is also a car hire us with a period of one year, in order to obtain lower prices and faster operations. While from the government, typically being used during a meeting or congress in Bandung, be it from a political party or a local governing bodies.

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Traveling to Southern Bandung is not less interesting than Northern Bandung. In Southern Bandung, there are a lot of popular destinations to be visited. No wonder if either local or foreign tourists make those destinations in Southern Bandung as their favorite places on holiday. One of the famous areas in Southern Bandung is Ciwidey which have some beautiful destinations. The following lists are popular destinations in Southern Bandung, especially around Ciwidey, that you must visit on holiday:

1. White Crater

44 km from Downtown Bandung, you can arrive at White Crater Ciwidey, specifically in Rancabali. White Crater has a beautiful view, and greenish white lake combined with limestone which is a soothing treat. According to the story, White Crater is a place where the ancestral spirits gather. One of the peaks is even believed as the place of the spirits holding the meeting. If you are curious, go grab yourself here immediately! You just need to pay 15k IDR to enter White Crater.

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2. Patenggang Lake

Patenggang Lake offers the beautiful lake around Rancabali plantation. From downtown Bandung, the trip takes 47 km long to Patenggang Lake. At Patenggang Lake, you can experience the cool atmosphere while boating the lake, but of course, you should rent the boat to do so. Your holiday will be more fun if you come along with family because Patenggang Lake is the best family attractions in Southern Bandung.

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3. Rancabali Tea Plantation

At Rancabali Plantation, you’ll find the overlay of tea plantation as far as your eyes can see it. The best thing to do is taking a picture in the middle of it. If you have a desire to visit tea factory, they also have a package of the factory tour. It cost 5k IDR for each person, then you will learn about tea cultivation, preservation, harvest, and processing.

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4. Strawberry Garden

Do you want to pick strawberry freshly? Do you want to know what shape of the strawberry tree? You can get that opportunity in Ciwidey. There is strawberry garden you can pick it directly by yourself, accompanied by fresh air and spectacular view. Such an unforgettable experience! Furthermore, things you shouldn’t miss is pick it and eat it at the same time.

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5. Cimanggu Park

Cimanggu Park or Green Hil Park has a protected forest, specifically is tropical forest, that overgrown by many kinds of trees and wild animals. The visitors can not only walk around the forest but also enjoy the different activities. For those who want to stay overnight, they can camp or sleep in the villa. The ticket entrance of Cimanggu Park is fairly cheap, only 20k IDR for each person.

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6. Walini Hot Spring

Walini Hot Spring is one of the hot springs in Ciwidey. This hot spring contains hot water sourced from nature. There is also a warm pool you can swim. The area is surrounded by tea plantation, giving the coolness and freshness. If you want to visit Walini Hot Spring, you just need heading to Walini Tea Plantation, and then you will find it. The location is not too far from Patenggang Lake.

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7. Ranca Upas Campground

This is a campground around Eucalyptus plant area, sort of a plant from the continent of Australia. This destination is situated at a height of 1700 meter above the sea level, so the air is very fresh and cool. There are also some food stalls in a row. In addition, if you want to camp, you can rent the tent and other equipment. Ranca Upas Campground also has the deer reservation where you can see wild deer while camping there.

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Southern Bandung is actually far enough from the downtown Bandung. If you have a trip to Southern Bandung, but don’t drive your car, then you can rent a car from Dirgantara Car Rental Bandung. The driver will take you to anywhere in Southern Bandung.

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Bandung is well known as one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia that have a lot of interesting places you can visit in downtown. Commonly, you’ll find the places like museum, park, mall, building and the cultural spot in downtown. For those who have the interest to travel in the downtown Bandung, there are so many places you can visit. Those places are actually located not far each other, accessible only in one day. If you have very limited time, traveling in the downtown Bandung will be a great idea then.


[symple_heading style=”” title=”1. Trans Studio Bandung” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

Trans Studio Bandung is one of the theme parks standing on the 4.2-hectare areas. This wide area is offset by plentiful rides you can find like The Lost City, Magic Corner, Dragon Riders, Yamaha Racing Coaster, Superheroes 4D The Raid, and others. It is also known that Trans Studio Bandung is the biggest theme park in Bandung which provides fairly complete facilities and accommodations.


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[symple_heading style=”” title=”2. Gedung Sate” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

Gedung Sate, with its characteristic of skewer above the central building, has become the symbol or identity of Bandung which is not only known by west java citizens but also the whole citizens of Indonesia. Gedung Sate even influences the building models of the nearby cities in West Java. For instance, train station in Tasikmalaya is similar to Gedung Sate.

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[symple_heading style=”” title=”3. Bandung Zoo” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

Bandung Zoo is one the tourist attractions consisting of flora and fauna in the downtown Bandung. Bandung Zoo is located side by side with Bandung Institute of Technology and Cikapundung river. Besides becoming the complement tools of human needs for recreation, Bandung Zoo is also a center of culture, education, wildlife sanctuary, or science and technology.

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[symple_heading style=”” title=”4. Asia Africa Street and Braga Street” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

Asia Africa street and Braga street are the most beautiful street extending in the downtown Bandung. Both are actually bordered and connected with a junction. There are multiple magnificent buildings with its uniqueness and history, that become the center of attention for either domestic or international tourists who visit Bandung. Some objects you can find are Gedung Merdeka, Museum of Asia-Africa Conference, Bandung Squares (alun-alun), Braga City Walk, and others.

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[symple_heading style=”” title=”5. Cihampelas Area” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

Cihampelas provides plentiful factory outlets. You can buy many kinds of clothes made from jeans. No wonder, this area is called as jeans street after all. Uniquely, you’ll be accompanied by superhero statues like Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, Aladin, and others in giant size. The travelers can also do shopping at Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk), stay at the hotel, and enjoy the culinary tour.

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[symple_heading style=”” title=”6. Thematic Parks” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

Downtown Bandung has a lot of thematic parks you should visit. The development of the thematic parks utilizes the deserted area and transforms it into the parks that have a different theme. The aim is to provide cozy and lovely public area. Some of the thematic parks in the downtown Bandung are Alun-Alun park, Jomblo park, Musik Centrum park, Vanda park, Lansia park, Pet park, Film park, Photography park, Superhero park, and others.

Via : Infobandung

Do you plan to visit the downtown Bandung? Don’t ever miss these places while in the downtown of Bandung! You can drive your car, ride your motorcycle, or rent a car from Dirgantara Car Rental Bandung to go there. The driver will drive you to anywhere, including visiting a lot of places in the downtown Bandung.[:]

Spending weekend along with family will be a priceless routine and happiness for everyone. Besides refreshing your mind, it provides a new experience to our family. As we talk about tourist attractions in Northern Bandung, surely there is no ending then, because the city has a lot of new fancy spots from year to year.

Northern Bandung is very identic to Lembang. In fact, there is not only Lembang, but the visitors will probably mention Lembang to be visited in Northern Bandung. It is because Lembang is not only easy to be accessed, but also provides much selection of tourist attractions, supported by fascinating nature and adequate facilities that cause Lembang as the most favorable destination in Northern Bandung.

Where Should You Go While Visit Northern Bandung? The following lists are some tourist attractions in Northern Bandung, specifically around Lembang :


1. Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

The glamor of Tangkuban Perahu is about its big crater. The crater itself raises up a fabulous scenery when you come there. Even though classified as an active volcano and sulfur gas still comes out of the crater, but Tangkuban Perahu is still safe to be visited. The story behind Tangkuban Perahu is related to the legend of Sangkuriang, who built a big boat and kicked it upside down until became a mountain.


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2. De Ranch Lembang

De Ranch Lembang provides a cowboy-like atmosphere where you can pretend to be a cowboy by riding a horse and wearing full equipment of cowboy costume. The buildings and the tents totally give you the nuance of cowboy village. When you are visiting this place, you can even swap the entrance ticket with fresh milk. In addition, there are a lot of games you can ride and will spoil the kids.


Via : Pergidulu


3. Floating Market

You can enjoy the environment while eating high-quality food at floating market. All the things are bundled in the unique and interesting concept of floating market, where all the foods are sold in the different boats. Floating Market is also equipped with a lot of facilities and modern rides. It is specifically grouped into 3 main objectives: playground, education area, and culinary. Because of those, Floating Market becomes one of the most crowded tourist attraction in Northern Bandung.


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4. Dusun Bambu (Bamboo Village)

Dusun Bambu Lembang adopts the theme of back to nature that stands out many kinds of natural sceneries and modern facilities like villa, restaurant, and cafe. You can do a lot of fun activities here, such as riding a bicycle, camping with family, and doing other outdoor activities.

There are also some restaurants to spoil your belly. However, the most popular among teenagers is probably Lutung Kasarung Restaurant, because its concept and design are quite unique, looks like bird nest hanging in the tree.


Via : Dusunbambu


5. Farmhouse Lembang

Farmhouse Lembang presents the miniature of a beautiful village, slightly affected by European atmosphere. There are some of the best spots you can visit such as hobbit house, petting zoo, some European buildings, a mini waterfall, costume rental place, souvenir shops, and some restaurants or cafes. The fee for the entrance ticket is fairly cheap, only Rp. 20000/person including free fresh milk or grilled sausage.


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6. Sari Ater Hotspring

After visiting all the best destinations in Northern Bandung, you can also continue to soak your body at Sari Ater Hotspring. Administratively, Sari Ater is a part of the Subang district. However, it is very close to Lembang, only 20 minutes driving from Lembang. So don’t forget to unwind at the hotspring while in Northern Bandung.


Via : Indonesiakaya


Are you ready to visit Northern Bandung? Don’t ever miss these places while in Northern Bandung! You can drive your car, ride your motorcycle, or rent a car from Dirgantara Car Rental Bandung to go there. The driver will drive you to anywhere, including visiting a lot of tourist attractions in Northern Bandung.


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Farmhouse Lembang – Bandung, is the most recent tourist attraction in Lembang. Since opened in December 2015, Farmhouse Lembang turned into one of the favorite destinations in Northern Bandung. The nature condition that provides fresh air and beautiful scenery, added by European themed concept, is the only reason why this place called as a local destination with the European sensation.

Farmhouse Lembang in Bandung is actually located in the same group with other tourist attractions like Floating Market, De Ranch, and Rumah Sosis. Therefore, if you visit Farmhouse Lembang, you can also visit other places.


[symple_heading style=”” title=”The Location of Farmhouse Lembang” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

The location is very strategic, located at the main road of Lembang, precisely on the right side to Lembang. If you set off from Setiabudhi (Ledeng) or Indonesia University of Education (UPI), just go forward to the main road of Lembang until you see the curve road full of bamboo stalls. It means you are already close to the destination. You will find the sign of “Farmhouse Susu Lembang” with the dried root ornaments on the roadside. You can enter the gate and enjoy all the provided facilities.



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[symple_heading style=”” title=”The Entrance Ticket for Farmhouse Lembang” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

The entrance ticket is really cheap, only Rp. 20000 for each person, Rp. 10000 for a car charge, and Rp. 5000 for a motorcycle charge. It is very affordable, isn’t it? You can even swap the ticket with free snacks like grilled sausage, fried snack, and fresh milk with a wide selection of flavors: strawberry, banana, mocha, and vanilla.


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[symple_heading style=”” title=”The Facility at Farmhouse Lembang

The facilities provided by Farmhouse Lembang are quite complete and affordable for all visitors. Starting from the souvenir shop, park, multipurpose building, indoor or outdoor cafe, bar, prayer room, and toilet.

There are a lot of benches available in Farmhouse Lembang to sit along the park. In addition, Farmhouse is also inhabited by different plants and animals like chicken, bird, duck, rabbit, horse, and other animals you can find. After having a long walk, visiting the nearby restaurants will be a great idea. Even though the price is a bit pricey, you are still allowed to take a selfie and don’t have to eat there.


[symple_heading style=”” title=”Interesting Spots at Farmhouse Lembang” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

Unexpectedly, this place is very favorable as selfie spot. Most of the visitors have different interesting spots at Farmhouse. Are you curious? Let’s check it out!

[symple_heading style=”” title=”1. The Hobbit House” type=”h3″ font_size=”13″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

The Hobbit house at Farmhouse Lembang is designed to look like the house in the film of “The Lord of The Ring.” All visitors should bow their self to enter the house because of its tiny size. You can capture the special moment with family, friends, and beloved people at The Hobbit house.



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[symple_heading style=”” title=”2. European style house” type=”h3″ font_size=”13″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

One of the favorite spots is the European style house, which is unique and classic. The house is similar to Villa Cukul in Pangalengan. With classic European style, the wooden house stands beautifully and emits the old impression. This place matches with the visitors who look for the classical background.



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[symple_heading style=”” title=”3. Mini waterfall” type=”h3″ font_size=”13″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

The location of the mini waterfall is close to ticket-milk changer. On the left side, there is an artificial waterfall. The size of the waterfall is not big enough but good to take a selfie. Moreover, on the surface of the water, you will find the stepping stones, and you can stand on it to get the best spot.



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[symple_heading style=”” title=”4. European flower garden” type=”h3″ font_size=”13″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

Have you seen how beautiful the flower garden in Europe when combined with the classical building? Of course, Farmhouse Lembang also spoils the visitors through beautiful flower garden as if you were in the European country. Even though it isn’t completely similar, yet it is still pretty decent.

[symple_heading style=”” title=”5. Wearing European costume” type=”h3″ font_size=”13″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

Ladies can savor the feeling to be a charming European girl. Gracefully, they can rent the maid costume and put it on while pretending to be a cinderella in front of a classical background. There are some selections of background you can consider.



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If you are going to visit Farmhouse Lembang, this place is open everyday from 9 am until 9 pm. You can drive your car, ride your motorcycle, or rent a car from Dirgantara Car Rental Bandung. The driver will drive you to anywhere, including visiting other tourist attractions in Northern Bandung.


As the city of flower, Bandung had lost its popularity years ago. To turn it back on the city of flower, to see the citizens interacting or enjoying the fresh air outside, and to increase the index of happiness in Bandung, the city Mayor attempts to realize his creative ideas through the thematic park that built very interesting. The following lists are 10 thematic parks in the downtown of Bandung.

[symple_heading style=”” title=”1. Alun-Alun Park” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

The area of this park is around 4000 m2 and located in front of Masjid Raya Bandung. Alun-alun park is built using synthetic grass. People who come here consist of various ages. The kids, teens, adults, to elderlies spend their time here to lie down, to chitchat, and to run around.


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[symple_heading style=”” title=”2. Lansia Park” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

As in the name, Lansia means elderly. This park is not only owned by elderly but also anyone can come in here. Lansia Park is located on Cisangkuy street, Bandung, and can be used to work out, gather with family, or just sit back


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[symple_heading style=”” title=”3. Musik Centrum Park” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

Musik Centrum Park which is located on Belitung street is reserved for those who like music, especially group band. This place is used to being a place for a music show. If you want to perform, you should have a permit. However, you just coordinate and ask the permit from Diskamtam.


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[symple_heading style=”” title=”4. Jomblo Park” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

This park is located under the Pasupati flyover, that’s why people also name it as Pasupati park. However, people mostly call it Jomblo park. Given that name because the shape of the bench is very small and can only be used by a single person. Every bench has a different color, it looks very beautiful, though.


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[symple_heading style=”” title=”5. Film Park” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

You can watch movies here at a certain time. Besides a huge screen and concrete bench, this park also has synthetic green grass in front of the screen as a sitting place on the ground. According to Kang Emil, the utilization of area under the flyover is an effort to reuse the deserted area in Bandung.


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[symple_heading style=”” title=”6. Photography Park” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

The development of this park gets the positive response from the photography communities in Bandung, they can meet up with other people who have the same interest to exchange their ideas and to share activities related to photography. Photography park is also frequently used as an exhibition to display their masterpieces.


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[symple_heading style=”” title=”7. Pustaka Bunga Park” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

Various kinds of the flower with different colors are available at Pustaka Bunga park. The visitors can enjoy the fresh air of Bandung while looking the colorful flowers in this park. The location is actually near Lansia Park.


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[symple_heading style=”” title=”8. Pet Park” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

Bandung has a park which is specific for a pet lover. The name of the park is Pet Park, located in Cilaki area. In this park, Bandung pet lover can meet up and share each other related to their pet. The facility is also very pet-friendly.


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[symple_heading style=”” title=”9. Superhero Park” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

In this park, you’ll find a lot of superhero’s statue as its attractiveness. Some superhero statues here are Spiderman, Batman, Gundala Putra Petir, Superman, Gatotkaca, and others. This park is located between Bengawan street and Anggrek street with 600 m2 areas.


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[symple_heading style=”” title=”10. Vanda Park” type=”h2″ font_size=”15″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

Vanda park is located on Merdeka street, actually between Bank Indonesia tower and Polrestabes Bandung. This park comes with water fountain. The name of “Vanda” itself is taken from one of the anggrek’s names. This park is fairly near Balai Kota park and Tepian Anak Sungai Cikapayang park.


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Do you plan to visit the downtown of Bandung? Don’t ever miss these thematic parks while in the downtown of Bandung! You can drive your car, ride your motorcycle, or rent a car from Dirgantara Car Rental Bandung to go there. The driver will drive you to anywhere, including visiting a lot of thematic parks in the downtown of Bandung.

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