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Toyota Hiace

Van Rental Bandung
  • Hiace
  • 14 Seats
  • Manufacturer : Toyota
  • Year : 2018
  • Fuel : Diesel
  • AC : Double Blower
  • ✓ Free In-Car Wifi
  • ✓ Bandung Tour Package
  • ✓ Airport Pickup
  • ✓ Airport Drop-Off
  • Van Rental Bandung Toyota Hiace

    Do you need to rent a 14 seats Van Rental in Bandung? Dirgantara Car Rental offer the Toyota Hiace for hire on our van fleet. The vehicle has two seats in the front, 3 seats in the second row and 2 fold down seats in the rear. The Toyota Hiace is a great 10-14 seater van.

    Bandung Airport
    Rp 950.000
    Rent Hiace
    Bandung City
    Rp 1.350.000
    White Crater / Tangkuban Perahu
    Rp 1.450.000
    Jakarta Airport
    Rp 1.650.000

    All-In 12 Hours Package include: insurance, gas and driver
    *exclude tips, parking, toll and entry ticket

    • We provide you with a driver who has at least 5 years of experience.
    • For payments you can pay directly to our driver after each rent
    • Or use a credit card through online payments

    This rental car in the minibus car category is the most frequently rent by many of our customers. Because the spacious interior, and efficient fuel economy, Toyota Hiace provide comfortable for its passengers and offers high value for an affordable price.

    If you are on Vacation or Business Trip this is the perfect cost effective vehicle for you to hire. There is no cheaper way to explore or getting around Bandung, than to rent a Toyota Hiace from Dirgantara Car Rental. Please call-in and speak to a salesperson who can assist you with all of your needs.

    Van Rental in Bandung

    If you’re on a Holiday or Business Travel with 10 or more people Toyota Hiace is an effective rental car for you. There is no cheaper way to explore or travel around Bandung by hiring a Toyota Hiace from Dirgantara Car Rental. Contact us immediately to help you with all your rental needs.

    For those of you who are planning for a vacation, Bandung can be a very interesting option for a vacation. With the many nature activities with creativity atmosphere made Bandung have some of very impressive tourist attractions. From mountain tours, hills, waterfalls, lakes, to culinary tours and shopping tours we can find in the area that got the nickname Paris van Java this. Not only that with the creativity that was presented later also raises some themed attractions Instagramable in Bandung. With this Instagramable spot your holiday will be more interesting to be share into the social media

    But to be able to enjoy all the Bandung can offer you need to make a vacation plan right. To plan holiday in Bandung consists of any destination that will be visited, the schedule of the schedule or time while on vacation, activities to be done, the budget to be prepared as well as means of transportation to be used. Some design or planning is indeed worth noting so you can get the satisfaction and pleasure when traveling to Bandung.

    Rental Hiace Bandung

    One of the planning that needs to be observed when going on holiday to Bandung is the mode of transportation. To visit the attractions in Bandung you do need a vehicle or means of transportation. But to make your holiday in Bandung was fun then the selection of this mode of transport should not be arbitrary. You have to choose the means of transportation that really can make the trip to the sights stay comfortable and still make a good mood. Transportation options in Bandung itself is indeed diverse, from public transportation, private transportation and rental or rental transportation.
    Because you can not bring personal transportation then a qualified option for traveling around Bandung is a rental or car rental.

    The question then why not public transport? Because if you use public transportation can be a trip to a tourist attraction will make your mood a mess. This is because to ride this public vehicle inevitably you have to adjust to the scheduled departure. Not only that when a public vehicle ride inevitably you also have to follow the route journey. With it then it could be your time at the sights will be wasted due to the length of travel. In addition, when traveling with public transport can be a good mood you turn into bad because of the inconvenience of driving.

    Well to minimize and overcome the problems that exist in public transport before you have to choose a rental or car rental. Because with this car rental you will find the flexibility when traveling to the sights and also get comfort when in the vehicle. When it can be free to determine the time to depart and travel routes with a rental car then you will not run out of time berkegiatan many activities in the sights. This means that when you have a lot of time on the move in the destination destination then certainly will make you feel a more memorable holiday.

    In addition to the flexibility and convenience of choosing a rental car you can find a choice of a variety of new cars. One of the new car options that you can get from the rental Toyota Hiace. Toyota Hiace which is a type of MPV car resembling a mini bus allows you to rent this car in a group. With a spacious cabin Toyota Hiace is indeed able to accommodate passengers up to 8 people. In addition to accommodating many people, cars that have appeared in several generations each year will make you comfortable and safe. For many advanced features such as Dual Front SRS Aiarbags feature, ABS and TRC braking system and existing sliding doors on this Toyota car manufacturer.

    With all the presented cars with a capacity of 3456 cc engine then you also no need to hesitate anymore to choose Bandung Van car rental. With Bandung car rental then you can travel freely and fun. Especially if you are indeed planning to vacation to Bandung with family or some friends. So with Bandung hiace rental you will get a satisfying thing because this car that can contain 8 people at once. For those of you who are looking for a Toyota Hiace car for a vacation can make Dirgantara Car Rental as an option. Because with experience and professionalism Dirgantara Car Rental, will make you satisfied.

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