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Toyota Innova

Rental Car Bandung Toyota Innova Do you need to rent a Toyota Innova? Dirgantara Car Rental offer the Toyota Innova for hire […]

  • ✓ Free in-car Wifi
  • ✓ Bandung City Tour Package
  • ✓ Pickup or Drop-off Airport
  • ✓ English Speaking Driver


Mitha Carlina , Apr 29, 2018

Pelayanannya oke banget, armada ya bersih dan yg gw suka banget ada "wifi on car" nya, driver nya juga ramah banget dan tau aja rekomendasi tempat tempat wisata terbaru di bandung.

vania edith , Feb 20, 2018

Pelayan bagus dan memuaskan , lain kali mau pakai lagi kalau ke bandung

Yollian Dwiyanty , Jan 12, 2018

Pelayanannya sejauh ini cukup memuaskan, jika jalan2 ke bandung lagi akan menggunakan jasa rental ini.

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rental innova bandung


Year 2013
Manufacturer Toyota
AC Double Blower
Condition Good
Fuel Type Gasoline

Rental Car Bandung Toyota Innova

Do you need to rent a Toyota Innova? Dirgantara Car Rental offer the Toyota Innova for hire on our minibus fleet. The vehicle has two seats in the front, 3 seats in the second row and 2 fold down seats in the rear. The Toyota Innova is a great comfortable vehicle

If you are on Vacation or Business Trip this is the perfect comfortable vehicle for you to hire. The most convenient way to explore or getting around Bandung, is to rent toyota innova from Dirgantara Car Rental. Please call-in and speak to a salesperson who can assist you with all of your needs.


sewa innova bandung

Rent Innova Bandung

Vacationing With Family to Bandung would be fun and eagerly awaited. Especially for children ahead of the holiday season arrives. But what if you do not bring a private vehicle? You and your family are forced to change public transportation to get around Bandung. To avoid this, you can take advantage of rental services or car rental.

There are so many car hire places in Bandung. The types of cars that are rented also vary widely. If bringing a family, Bandung Innova rental could be the right choice. Toyota Innova car has a lot of passenger capacity and wide space. It can even be used to carry 7 passengers at a time. Here are some of the benefits of a road trip with Bandung Innova rental car:


  • Car Rental Innova Bandung Able To Accommodate 7  Passengers

Basically, Toyota Kijang Innova is specially designed as a family car. Therefore, Bandung Innova rental car can accommodate passengers amounted to 7 people at once. Although it can accommodate 7  passengers (2 – 3 – 3), but the seating available in it is quite wide. You and your family do not have to jostle. If you choose to rent Bandung Innova rental car then you can bring all family members to visit places of interest in bandung city.


  •  Spacious and Comfortable

If noticed from the outside, Toyota Kijang Innova body size looks quite large. Similarly with the inside. Large size provides more space or space for passengers. So if you want the comfort and spacious space in the car then you should choose a car rental Innova Bandung. With the wide space of the passengers will be easier to rest in the car. Your feet will not feel sore because of the distance between the narrow car seat. In addition, the size of the wide car glass also provides personal satisfaction for you and your family to enjoy the view in Bandung.



  • Luxurious Exterior

For the exterior of Innova car does look luxurious, but the shape of the body is rounded and far from retro design makes this car look suitable for traveling with family. The number of variants that are present at Toyota Innova may make you confused.

Some types of rental car Innova Bandung include type J, E, G, V, and V Luxury. While the transmission itself there are two types of manual and automatic. Each Innova car rental place in Bandung may have variants or different types of Toyota Innova cars.


  • Modern Interior

For the Interior, Bandung Innova rental car equipped with adequate features and facilities. The dashboard design looks rigid and does not block the view of the windshield. Knee space between passenger seats is enough so that you and your family can feel comfortable when driving using Innova Bandung rental car. As for multimedia features, Toyota Innova car is equipped with an integrated USB port. If you run out of phone battery then you can also directly perform charging by utilizing this car battery.

sewa innova bandung


  • Affordable Compared to Other Similar Van

Toyota Kijang Innova classified as a car MPV or family car. The size is quite large like a minibus. No wonder if this car is very suitable to be rented by you and your family. Although the size is quite spacious and able to accommodate 7 – 8 passengers at once, but the rental car rental rates Innova Bandung fairly cheap and affordable. The money you spend to rent a rental car Innova Bandung will be comparable with the comfort you will get. Clearly, the price can be affordable but the quality remains the best.


  •  Diesel and Gasoline Engine

There are two types of Toyota Kijang Inoiva engine currently available, namely diesel engines and gasoline engines. Although diesel engines tend to be less powerful and noisy engine work, but fuel consumption (Solar) is quite economical. While the gasoline engine has a good power, more responsive pull, and a smoother engine sound, but fuel consumption (gasoline) gasoline engine is more wasteful than diesel engines.

Before renting a rental car Innova Bandung, make sure in advance whether the Toyota Innova you rent using a gasoline engine or diesel engine. Do not let you either fill the fuel between Solar or Gasoline.


  • Spacious Trunk for Baggage

Given the large size as a family car, do not be surprised if the volume of cabin and trunk rental car Innova Bandung is very wide. The trunk of this car is located on the back, right behind the rear passenger seat. To open the rental car rental Innova Bandung, can through the back door that can be opened upwards. The gap between the rear seats with the trunk door feels wide enough to hold more stuff.

If you are on vacation to Bandung and back home bring a lot of souvenirs from the sights you visit then you will not be confusion put all the souvenirs. Luggage car rental Innova Bandung can accommodate a lot of groceries or souvenirs. In fact, can accommodate several bags and suitcases at once.


 sewa innova bandung


  • Innova Suitable For Condition In Bandung

As a family car, Toyota Innova is quite agile. Diesel engines and gasoline engines used have a large enough energy to pass straight roads, climbs, or derivatives. The generated power reaches 136 HorsePower @ 5600 RPM for gasoline engine and 102 HorsePower @ 3600 RPM for diesel engine.

Given the condition of Bandung area in the mountains, the streets in Bandung more climbs and derivatives. In addition, some areas also have a winding road. By renting a car Innova Bandung, you do not need to worry because this car is suitable for environmental conditions and streets in Bandung. Although filled by 7 – 8 passengers, Innova Bandung rental car remains strong as it passes the uphill streets.


  • Comfortable Vacation For Your Family With Innova Bandung Rental Car

If you plan to spend vacation time in Bandung with family, but do not bring personal vehicle then you should rent Innova Bandung rental car. In addition to having a large size, this car is also fairly comfortable to drive. There are innumerable Car Rental in Bandung. One of them is Dirgantara Car Rental. You can rent Toyota Kijang Innova through Dirgantara Car Rental website. Holiday feels good with Toyota Innova!


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