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Toyota Avanza

Rental Car Avanza Bandung
  • Avanza Type G
  • 5 Seats
  • Manufacturer : Toyota
  • Year : 2018
  • Fuel : Gasoline
  • AC : Double Blower
  • ✓ Free In-Car Wifi
  • ✓ Bandung Tour Package
  • ✓ Hourly Package
  • ✓ Airport Pickup
  • ✓ Airport Drop-Off
  • Bandung Car Rental Toyota Avanza

    Bandung Airport
    Rp 225.000
    Rent Avanza
    Bandung City
    Rp 590.000
    White Crater / Tangkuban Perahu
    Rp 690.000
    Jakarta Airport
    Rp 1.025.000

    All-In 12 Hours Package include: insurance, gas and driver
    *exclude tips, parking, toll and entry ticket

    • We provide you with a driver who has at least 5 years of experience.
    • For payments you can pay directly to our driver after each rent
    • Or use a credit card through online payments

    Do you need to rent a Toyota Avanza? Dirgantara Car Rental offer the Toyota Avanza for hire on our minibus fleet. The vehicle has two seats in the front, 3 seats in the second row and 2 fold down seats in the rear. The Toyota Avanza is a great value for money.

    This rental car with MPV family car category is the most frequently rent by many of our customers. Because the fuel economy, Toyota Avanza provide comfort for its passengers and offers high value for an affordable price.

    If you are on Vacation or Business Trip this is the perfect cost effective vehicle for you to hire. There is no cheaper way to explore or getting around Bandung, than to rent a Toyota Avanza from Dirgantara Car Rental. Please call-in and speak to a salesperson who can assist you with all of your needs.

    Rental Avanza Bandung

    Pariz Van Java, that’s the name attached to Bandung. Besides being famous as a fashion and fashion center in West Java, Bandung also keeps unparalleled natural beauty. Starting from the mountains, plantations, hills, lakes, waterfalls, and hot spring baths are all available in Bandung. If you visit Bandung then there are so many interesting attractions to visit.

    Perhaps for some people, visiting Bandung without a personal vehicle will be very inconvenient. You have to jostle, queue, and bergonta public transportation to arrive at the object of your destination. However, the actual public transportation in Bandung is quite adequate. One of them that you can use during a vacation is to rent a car rental Avanza Bandung. Toyota Avanza car has a body size that is not too big, but can accommodate many passengers (about 5 people).

    rental avanza bandung

    If you are on vacation with your family, the Toyota Avanza car is enough to accommodate your family. In addition to comfortable, here are some advantages and disadvantages of rental car Avanza Bandung:

    Advantages of Avanza Bandung Rental Car

    1. Avanza Cars Can Accommodate 5 Passengers

    Looking at the inside of the Toyota Avanza, you will find 5 passenger seats, 1 front seats, 2 chairs in the middle, and 2 chairs in the back. If you rent a car rental Avanza Bandung along with the driver then the car can only accommodate 5 passengers only. If your family amounted to 5 people, Avanza Bandung rental car is perfect to be your vehicle during a vacation in Bandung. But if the number of your family is more than that, there are several alternative types of other cars such as Toyota Innova, Toyota Hiace, and KIA Pregio.

    rental avanza bandung

    3. Avanza Cars Designed As Family Car

    Since its first launch in 2003, Toyota Avanza is designed as a family car MPV type. The size is not too big and not too small so it is suitable to be a family vehicle. Rent a rental car Avanza Bandung for a vacation with family to be the right choice. In addition, the cost of rent is also not too expensive compared with other types of cars.

    4. Avanza Car Design Impressed Very Stylish

    There are several variants of Toyota Avanza that circulate in the market of Indonesia that is Toyota Avanza, Toyota All New Avanza, and Toyota Avanza Veloz. At first glance these three types of cars have a similar design, but there is little change from previous versions. On the exterior, this car has a front snout that is not too long. The corners of the body is made curved so impressed stylish to keep up with the times. The front and side glass are also wide-sized, making the passengers’ viewpoint feel wider. That way, you and your family can still enjoy the view of Bandung if traveling while using rental car Avanza Bandung.

    5. Interior of Avanza

    The atmosphere of the rental car rental Avanza Bandung looks more luxurious and modern with sharp lines. Instrument panels such as AC and audio controls are placed under the AC grille and dashboard. The dashboard position is not too high so it does not block the driver’s view. Unfortunately, the interior of the rental car Avanza Bandung has a front seat and a thinner middle seat, the reason for the knee space becomes more spacious.

    rental avanza bandung

    In order for passengers in the back seat can enter, then the middle seat should be folded first. In addition, the rear seats can also be folded and removed to increase the luggage capacity of the rental car Avanza Bandung. But overall, this car is still comfortable to use as a family rental car while on holiday in Bandung.

    6. Avanza Car Using High Power Machine

    Two engine options that are presented for the Toyota All New Avanza is a 1.3 liter gasoline engine and 1.5 liters. The 1.3 liter engine is capable of generating power up to 67 kW, while the 1.5 liter engine is capable of generating power up to 76 kW. Thus the car rental Avanza Bandung can still be categorized as a powerful car. This car is able to pass the streets that climb easily. As you know that the streets in Bandung more climbs and derivatives, so rent a car Avanza in Bandung is very precise.

    7. Avanza is being classified as a High Fuel Economy car

    For the size of a family car, Avanza Bandung rental car classified as fuel efficient. Because using a gasoline engine then the fuel used is also gasoline. To drive within the city, 1 liter of gasoline can be used for a distance of 9-11 kilometers, while for driving out of town, 1 liter of gasoline can be used to travel a distance of 11-14 kilometers.

    8. Rental Fees is very affordable

    In addition to fuel efficient, it costs Toyota Avanza rental is also very affordable. Given the price of the car is not too expensive then the cost of rent is also not too expensive. Almost all car rental places in Bandung would provide rental car type Toyota Avanza. No wonder the rental car Avanza Bandung to be excellent and most widely requested by domestic and foreign tourists.

    Avanza Disadvantages

    1. The size is quite small

    When compared with Toyota Innova, the Toyota Avanza has a much smaller size. This impact on the inside of the cabin becomes more narrow so that it can only accommodate a maximum of 6 passengers. If the middle and rear seats of Toyota Innova can be filled each of 3 passengers, seats on the Toyota Avanza just can only be filled by each of 2 people only. If forced 3 people it will feel cramped and uncomfortable.

    2. The trunk is also quite small

    In addition to the size of the cabin is not too large, it also impact on the size of the trunk so narrower. The trunk of the Toyota Avanza is at the rear, just behind the rear passenger seat. Even so, you can still store luggage and some bags in it, including souvenirs that you buy from the tourist attractions of Bandung.

    rental avanza bandung

    Conclusion for the advantages and disadvantages of Avanza

    Vacationing to Bandung by renting a Toyota Avanza car gives you a lot of advantages. In addition to affordable rental fees, this car is also convenient to use to drive with your family. However, the maximum number of passengers that can be transported only 6 people only. While in terms of interior and exterior design, this car looks very interesting and keep up with the times. If you are interested to use Avanza Bandung rental car, you can place an order at Dirgantara Car Rental.

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