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Bandung is never sleep when holiday coming. Both locals and tourists fill up the tourist attractions. The charm is fascinating. Besides located on the fresh mountainous area, various tourist attractions and facilities are also very adequate. Ranging from the downtown like mall, museum, and theme park, to the nature like mountain, farm, lake, waterfall, outbound, and hot spring. Driving your car when visiting Bandung seems so please. You can visit many places as you wish. However, as the capital of West Java, the traffic is terrible. The congestion’s formed many times in certain places of Bandung. If so you will be exhausted before arriving to the destination. Enhanced by the lack information of the route misleads you. Without driving your own car, you’re actually able to be satisfied getting around Bandung. Bandung provides diverse transports that can be used by people. You can take the city bus, train, travel car, and plane from hometown heading to Bandung. On arrival, there are a lot of public transport you can take to reach the tourist attractions such as angkot, city bus, online transport, pedicab, horse-drawn carriage, and Trans Metro Bandung. The city even has a lot of car rental Bandung that can be booked easily.


Type of Rented Car

Considering its popularity as tourist destination city, no wonder there are so many car rental Bandung. You can rent many kind of cars from car rental Bandung such as Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova, Toyota Hiace, KIA Pregio, Toyota Alphard, and others. The car rented by car rental Bandung can be adjusted as your needs. For instance, Toyota Avanza contains 5 passangers, while Toyota Hiace contains 14 passangers.

If you spend holiday along with the family, then renting Toyota Avanza is enough to accomodate your family getting around Bandung. However, the more people invited, the more space you need, and the more money you should pay to rent. Toyota Hiace is the best for that case.


The Package of Car Rental Bandung

If you wish to enjoy the tour without bothering to drive a car, you can then rent a car and driver. Car rental Bandung generaly offer many packages. You can select rental packages that include car only, car + driver, or car + driver + tour. The price is surely different. If you only rent a car, it means you dont need to pay the driver, but you drive the car by yourself. However, the tour package will take you to the most popular tourist attractions in Bandung. You just sit nicely and follow the schedule designed by the owner of car rental Bandung.


The Best Car Rental Bandung

Hunting the best quality car rental Bandung, you can harness the internet. No matter you don’t know the contact person of car rental Bandung because you can find on the internet. Some car rentals Bandung also have website and social media account accessible through out the internet. You can even book and rent directly via internet. It’s better for you to order or contact the the owner of car rental Bandung before going holiday in Bandung. Besides getting the opportunity to ask, you can make sure as well whether the car is not fully booked. On arrival lest you get trouble finding the rented car because of fully booked.

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One of the car rental Bandung you can choose is Dirgantara Car Rental. Dirgantara Car Rental provides many kind of cars and minibuses like Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova, Toyota Hiace, KIA Pregio, and Toyota Alphard. Each car has vary capacity ranging from 5 passengers to 14 passengers.

With 30th years experience as car rental Bandung, Dirgantara Car Rental is ready to service your needs during driving in Bandung. No need to drive your own car from hometown, instead you can rent a car that fully maintenanced and affordable from Dirgantara car Rental and then getting around Bandung with that car.

24/7 services from Dirgantara Car Rental will simplify you when booking the car anywhere and anytime. Plus with the driver who have driving experience over 5 years will make your holiday more safety. About the quality of car, you don’t have to worry because the engine is maintained routinely to keep the passenger safety.

As one of the car rentals Bandung, Dirgantara Car Rental totally understand the customer who love an instant, therefore the order and booking can be accessed online on website. Without coming to the place of the rental, the customer can do it. On the specified time, driver wil ready to pick you up. Even the picking location is not only around Bandung but also international Soekarno-Hatta airport or Jakarta.


Our Driver is Ready to Take You Exploring Bandung

Renting a car and driver actually make your holiday easier and more please. You don’t be bothered by driving car in the rush traffic of Bandung. Driver will do so, and you just sit nicely enjoying the scenery. You can also ask the driver to take you to the most populer tourist atractions in Bandung.

For your information, in Northern Bandung you can visit Tangkuban Perahu, De Ranch, Dusun Bambu, Farmhouse, and Floating Market, in Southern Bandung you can visit White Crater, Patenggang Lake, and strawberry gardens, in Western Bandung you can visit Stone Garden, and in Eastern Bandung you can visit Keraton Cliff. Moreover, around the downtown Bandung there are some interesting place like city square, Masjid Agung, Gedung Sate, Trans Studio Bandung, Asia Afrika street, and Braga street.

So, without driving personal car, you are still able to be satisfied when visiting Bandung because there are a lot of car rental Bandung. You can also rent a car plus the driver.

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