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Since long time ago, Bandung is famous for its tourist attractions. People who visit Bandung can do a lot of things like shopping, hiking, swimming, or refreshing. Because of that, people endlessly explore this beautiful city. Well, for those who look for something new, western Bandung might be an alternative on holiday. The tourist attractions in western Bandung start from Padalarang area to Gunung Halu. However, some of the tourist attractions in western Bandung is less famous than the other place like Tangkuban Perahu, Ciater, or Kawah Putih. If you are visiting here, there is no wrong to visit some of them.

1. Stone Garden

This destination presents the charm of the rocky hills, as in its name, Stone Garden. It is located in Cipatat, Western Bandung. Called as Stone Garden because there are a lot of towering stones in this area that have unique and photogenic form. People say the towering stones is a former lake in antiquity. Stone Garden is less popular than the other places like Bukit Moko or Tebing Keraton, so there are not many people coming here. Even though the view of Stone Garden is gorgeous. You can also see the overlayed hills which are typical of Bandung.

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2. Sanghyang Heuleut

Because of its hidden location near PLTU Saguling, Sanghyang Heuleut lake like a hidden paradise. Not much people who know the existence of Sanghyang Heuleut. People don’t think that at the end of the raging river, there is a lake surrounded by dense forests and rocks. This lake is very beautiful and has a lot of towering stones. Furthermore, Sanghyang Heuleut also has clear green water and a mini waterfall. Not wrong if this place is called as hidden paradise in western Bandung.

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3. Curug Pelangi

Administratively, Curug Pelangi is belonging to Cisarua, western Bandung. This waterfall is popular as monkey habitat. There are hundreds of monkey hanging around the forest near Curug Pelangi. When you see it from above, the waterfall has two different levels that are very unique. Curug Pelangi also has a special place used to take a picture. However, if you want to sense the cold water of Curug Pelangi, you can come down. In addition, this waterfall will also glow at the night because there are colorful lights around it. The concept is similar to Colorado waterfall in the USA. The light is not placed behind the waterfall, but on the side of it.

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4. Sendang Geulis Kahuripan

Sendang Geulis Kahuripan is located in Cikalong Wetan, western Bandung. Sendang Geulis Kahuripan is a beautiful water spring presenting the freshness and beauty of the environment. The water is very clear and surrounded by the dense trees in the middle of hills. No wonder if this place is very pretty and exotic. The main activity that you can do is surely soaking or bathing in Sendang Geulis Kahuripan. The purity, cleanliness, and coldness of the water can make your body being fresh. People also say that the water will beautify and refine your skin. Another activity you can do here is, of course, taking some photos because this place is really instagramable.

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Those are 4 tourist attractions that you can explore in western Bandung. In order to make your holiday better and come safely to the destination, just make sure that your body is fit and your vehicle is superfine. If you don’t want to drive yourself, you can rent a car from Dirgantara Car Rental Bandung. We also provide the driver who will take you to anywhere in Bandung.


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Renting a car is the ultimate choice for traveller who visits a town after traveling with plane. Hire a car in a city it is useful in complementing your affairs in the city. Whether it’s leisure or business, make the rental car you can use the time effectively, because it can move you from one place to another quickly without a hitch. Rental cars are also now available in many cities, so do not bother to use public transport again. Well, if you want to go is the city of Bandung, then Dirgantara Car Rental Bandung is the best car rental vendors that fit your selection.

Dirgantara Car Rental

DirgantaraCarRental.com is best choice if you want the most experience driver and clean car. Because we do have our own maintenance staff to check the car safety and cleanliness. Service to every car was done on a regular basis, so the quality certainly is very reliable machine to take you away to the best places in the city. We realize that the age of the car also affect the comfort of passengers on each trip, so every car offered is minimal car output in 2013.
There are various types of cars to choose from, ranging from MPV to luxury class can choose from. Surely the price of each car has a distinction between one another, depending on the type of car you rent. Generally, people hire car Avanza MPV models, because the car is arguably have low rental price with a seating capacity of up 5 to 8 people. However, those who visit the town of Flower with extended family, the usual order a car KIA Pregio as transport vehicles given seat capacity reached 8 to 10 seats.

In addition for business or leisure, our Bandung car rental services are also used by companies and governments providing their transportation needs. For companies, car rental usually do take a minimum of 1 month. There is also a car hire us with a period of one year, in order to obtain lower prices and faster operations. While from the government, typically being used during a meeting or congress in Bandung, be it from a political party or a local governing bodies.

In the case of car rental, DirgantaraCarRental.com provides 2 types of car rental options to choose from. Among them is a car rental service with driver, the second is a car rental service with driver + fuel. The first type of service, namely the addition of a driver in a rental car, will give time for you to really feel the best holiday. Because you do not need to continue to hold the steering wheel while in transit. While the second service, the additional driver + fuel, essentially the same as the first service but 1 day rental price is included with gasoline. Selection will each service is better adapted to the budget as well as your needs for in Bandung. If the place you visit in one day it close enough, then rent a car Bandung + driver alone is the best recommendation. However, if the place you visit in one day is quite a lot and the distance is too far, maybe rent a car + driver + fuel Bandung is the best choice for you to use.

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Rental car with driver is the perfect solution to explore Bandung on your own pace. Hire a car with a driver for the rental car is certainly much more efficient and effective than using a public transport. Using public transportation such as buses and taxis are cheaper than renting a car, but not so practical if your goal is for exploring southern or northern Bandung.

Benefits of Using Car Rental with Driver

During the stay in Bandung, using the services of car rental and driver make the activity more convinient. Thus, you can save time and enjoy your trip more. Similarly, if you are planning to travel around or even to other cities in West Java. Drivers of the rental car usually has memorized the intended direction, the state of the roads to be traversed and places stops (rest area) are closest, so you no longer need to ask here and there on people in the street when I have to travel to a place that you do not know well.

When renting a car and the driver of the rental car in your city, there are a few things you need to know related to the chauffeur services, among others, you have to give the driver a break for meals, especially if you rent a car all day. It may not be required by the rental, but it would be better for the hungry and tired driver because he will not be able to work well. Also give the driver a chance to rest and pray if necessary. It would be better if in the long run, you give the driver a chance to rest every two hours. Renting a car with a driver who is experienced and understands the state of destination, can often be used as a tour guide. This is because, they can suggest places to eat delicious and inexpensive lodgings around the location where you are calling. They also may even be able to tell about your destination location such legends circulating, points of interest as well as the dismissal of the stories of others that can make your trip more enjoyable.

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